1. Suppliers Warranty
The supplier warrants that:

  • It will provide goods of satisfactory quality and fit for purpose free from any defects in design material and workmanship and will correspond to any specification or sample.
  • All services will be provided with due care and diligence and using appropriately qualified personnel for the supply of goods and/or proper execution of the services .

2. Liability for defects

  • If after acceptance of the goods or performance of the services it is discovered that the goods or services or any part thereof are defective in any way the supplier shall promptly and at its own expense repair, re-perform or replace the defective goods or services.
  • The purchaser shall within a reasonable period of time after any defect is discovered notify the supplier in writing. This notice shall contain a description ofthe defect.
  • Should the defect be of such nature that it's repair or re-performance cannot be postponed and the supplier has failed to remedy the defect, the purchaser may undertake the repair or re-performance itself or engage a third part to do so on its behalf. Any such repair undertaken by the purchaser or third party shall not affect the suppliers liability under the contract and shall be undertaken at the suppliers cost.

3. Quality

  • Where the supplier operates a third party approved quality management system (QMS) this order shall be carried out in accordance with the scope of the suppliers current registration (E.G. ISO 9001, AS9100). on request evidence of certification (certificate and scope of approval) will be supplied to the purchaser.
  • The supplier shall establish and maintain a quality system that covers all aspects of the supplier in connection with the order. The supplier shall provide evidence of their quality management system and it's processes to the purchaser on request and demonstrate continual improvements.
  • Where required on the purchase order, the supplier must comply with the purchaser's, customer-approved special process sources.
  • The purchaser is to be contacted (by the supplier) in the event of non-conforming product or material.
  • Furthermore, the purchaser must be notified of changes in product or process definitions that were not requested by the purchaser.
  • The supplier shall provide right of access to the purchaser and regulatory authorities to the applicable areas at any level of the supply chain involved in the order to audit or inspect product processes and to all applicable records.
  • The supplier shall not sub contract any product or process to a sub-tier supplier without the written consent of the purchaser.
  • Where required by the purchase order the supplier shall provide applicable certification.
  • Verification by the purchaser shall not be used by the supplier by the supplier as evidence of effective control of quality by the supplier and shall not absolve them of the responsibility to provide acceptable product, nor shall it preclude subsequent rejection by the purchaser.
  • The supplier shall ensure that traceability is maintained of product and material through the supply chain.
  • No deviation from the requirements stated on the purchase order shall be accepted without prior written consent from the purchaser.
  • The supplier shall flow down the supply chain applicable requirements including those of our customer where stated on the purchase order.

4. Advice Notes & Release Certificates (Certificates of Conformance / Compliance)
The supplier shall provide certification that the goods and services delivered under this orderhave been tested and inspected and conform to all drawings and/or order requirements. The supplier must have objective evidence on file to substantiate the certificate of conformity and such evidence must be available to the purchaser for review. As a minimum Certificates of Conformity must contain the following information where applicable

  • The purchasers part number, drawing number, Revision and description, Qty of goods supplied, The purchase order number, The process performed and relevant specifications and current issus/revisions.

5. Material Traceability
Goods and services supplied against this order require full traceability of parts/materials from the time of receipt through delivery of the finished article. Raw material traceability is required to the physical and chemical analysis. If the supplier is not the original manufacturer of the goods or services, the supplier shall also provide copies of the original manufacturers certificate of conformity / compliance together with test results etc, where applicable.

6. Control Of Foreign Object Damage
The supplier shall have in place good working practices on the prevention ofF.O.D. The Purchaser may wish to see documentation of FOD prevention procedures. which the supplier shall provide upon request.

7. Control Of Monitoring and Measurement Devices
Test equipment shall have its performance and calibration verified for all parameters detailed in its Manufacturers Published Performance/Calibration Specification, against measurement standards traceable to National or International Standards.

8. Environmental Control
It is a condition of contract for this order that the supplier will meet their regulatory approvals regarding environmental compliance. Non-compliance with these regulations may be considered a breach of this condition and therefore breach of contract.

9. Counterfeit
The seller represents that the only new and authentic materials are used in products required to be delivered to the purchaser. In addition, that the materials or components delivered contains no counterfeit parts or materials. No other part or component than a new and authentic component or material is to be used unless specifically approved in advance in writing by the purchaser.

10. Control of Records/Documentation
The supplier shall generate and maintain records and data for all inspections and tests performed. The records and data gathered shall be appropriate to the inspection and test operations performed and in sufficient detail to provide for complete verification and evaluation of operations. On request the records will be supplied to the purchaser and no records will be destroyed without prior permission of the purchaser.

These records may include, but are not limited to:

  • Product release certification
  • Records of test or inspection such as test certificates, route cards, or batch records required for traceability purposes.
  • The supplier shall retain records for a minimum of 30 years unless otherwise stated by the purchaser. This time period shall be valid from the date of completion of the record.
  • Records shall be retained in such a manner to ensure they are readily retrievable, legible, and identifiable to the purchaser order and suitable protected to prevent damage, loss or deterioration.

11. Your contribution to product safety
Awareness of product safety during its lifecycle shall be given. Product safety is defined in AS 9100D as the state in which a product can perform to its designated or intended purpose without causing unacceptable risk of harm to persons or damage to property.

12. Your contribution to product conformity
Compliance with the requirements of Technic Engineering Limited’s Purchase Order including the provision of any required certification and on-time delivery shall ensure product conformity is maintained up to its receipt. 

13. Importance of ethical behaviour
It is a requirement of Technic Engineering Limited that its suppliers promote a culture that values and supports ethical behaviour, characterised by honesty, fairness and equity in interpersonal and professional relationships.  The supplier shall provide an environment for employees, visitors and other people associated with the company that is ethical in its dealings and where people can contribute, develop and be involved in a manner that embodies dignity, integrity and respect.